2023 LeeBoy 8616D Asphalt Paver, 300 hours - Sheridan Realty & Auction Co.
2023 LeeBoy 8616D Asphalt Paver, 300 hours
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Start Time:11/16/2023 3:00:00 PM
End Time:12/19/2023 6:00:00 PM
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Starting Bid:$5.00
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  1.     Dimensions
    1. Length: 16’ 4’
    2. Width:  8’ 6” transport

                     10’ hopper wings down

    1. Height:  6’ 8” low deck

                     7’ 10” high deck

    1. Total Weight (with screed):  23,450 lbs.
  1. Engine:

a.     Kubota turbocharged diesel

b.     Tier 4 Final - 127 HP (95 kW)

c.      Remote mounted DOC + DPF + SCR

d.     MURR I/O distributor blocks with LED lighting

3.     Capacities: 

    1. Fuel: 37 gallons
    2. Hydraulic: 31 gallons
    3. Washdown tank: 7 gallons
    4. DEF tank:  5 gallons

4.     Hopper:

a.     Hopper size:  9 ton

b.     Hopper height:  33”

c.      Hopper wings:  heavy-duty .5” with large radius corners

d.     Rear hopper wing wipers

5.     Paving Widths:

    1. Machine has variable paving widths up to 15’ 6”

6.     Paving Depths:

a.     Electronically operated tow point cylinders

b.     Includes manual flights screws positioned on the screed

c.      Depth:  0 to 8”

7.     Screed:

a.     Legend HD PRO Screed: Variable up to 15’ 6”, weight 4,150 lbs

8.     Under Auger Material Cutoff:

a.     Two independent hydraulically operated 4' wide gates located under the augers and constructed of .375" A-36 plate steel

b.     Can be configured to automatically close in reverse

c.      Operational from the main control panel or screed controls

9.     Material Augers:

a.     Two independent, hydraulically driven, segmented augers.  Operated automatically or manually

b.     Augers are reversible

c.      Variable speed from 0-168 rpm

d.     Quick change auger assemblies

e.     Augers are 12”diameter, 12” pitch and are cast from .75” HRC 55-60

f.      System has manual override functions and automatic functions are controlled by sonic sensors (non-contacting)

g.     Single point lube system

10.   Conveyors

a.     Two independent, hydraulically driven conveyors with automatic shut-off

b.     Dual 20.5” feeding conveyors

c.      Conveyors are reversible

d.     Heavy-duty conveyor chains

e.     Quad bearings, front and rear conveyor

f.      System has manual override functions and automatic functions are controlled by a paddle and proximity sensor.

11.   Operators Platform

a.     Includes both right and left hand seats 6’ 1" above ground with a lockable cover for the instrument panel

b.     Various pivoting and adjustable swing out seat positions

12.   Operators Controls:

a.     High deck/low deck configuration

b.     Includes dual electronic steer

c.      Dual, independent adjustable control stations interchangeable in the field

d.     Dash panel includes augers, screed extension, cut-offs, screed, hopper wings, conveyors, grade controls, steering and lights

e.     User-friendly, icon-based CAN Bus controls

f.      Backlit keypad with LED indicator lights

g.     Colored LED, sunlight viewable control screen with digital readouts. Review and monitor system vitals including: RPM, paving speeds, system pressures, screed temperature and generator usage

13.   Screed Controls:

a.     Screed control boxes are on each side and contain extensions, cutoffs, auger, tow, horn, e-stop and slope

14.   Steering:

a.     Dual electronic steering controls

b.     Machine can be controlled from a high deck position or lowered to control at the screed

c.      Electronically controlled pumps operate the forward/reverse motion from dual joysticks

15.   Washdown System:

a.     Electric HD pump with two 25’ x .375” diameter hose reels and spray nozzles

b.     Built in pressure sensor and shutoff

c.      Citrus tank sight gauge

16.   Hydraulic System:

a.     Variable volume hydraulic pumps for each drive

b.     Load sense pump for augers, conveyors and cylinder functions

c.      Hydraulic oil: all weather, all temperature

d.     Single 154,000 BTU oil coolers

17.   Push Rollers:

a.     Two 3" diameter rollers with sealed bearings mounted on a swivel frame

b.     Vertically adjustable push rollers, 7” of height adjustment

c.      Adjustable height push rollers with self-cleaning scrapers

18.    Track Drive System:

a.     Hydrostatically powered, self-cleaning crawler type tracks consisting of drive sprocket, eight rollers (five oscillating) and hydraulically adjustable front idler

b.     Drive mechanism is torque hub driven which consist of two speeds and obtained by means of a keypad button

c.      Fail safe brakes

d.     Track size:  14” wide x 108” long poly 8 rollers


Track size: 14” wide x 108” long

e.     Paving speed: 0 to 125’ per minute (1.4 mph)

f.      Travel speed: 0 to 350’ per minute (3.9 mph)

19.   Additional Standard Equipment:

a.     Sloping Screed Extensions

b.     Gauge package (oil pressure, hour meter, fuel gauge, voltmeter, water temp, tachometer, hydraulic oil temp, engine diagnostics)

c.      Actuator-driven hood lift

d.     Ground-level service access doors

e.     Integrated dual tool boxes on screed

f.      Back-up alarm

g.     Quick-folding LED beacon light

h.     Sliding LED work light package

i.       Vandalism protection covers

j.       Horn

k.      2 seats

l.       Magnetic cup holders


·       Options

o   Power crown

o   Additional control post and wire harness for the left side

o   Smooth ride HD poly pad track

o   Truck hitch

o   Truck hitch valving, excludes truck hitch

o   Hydraulically extendable oscillating push rollers (not available with truck hitch)

o   Steering knob drive controls (in lieu of joysticks)

o   LED blade light system, DC powered, 2 individually mounted LED blades

o   Umbrella mount (x2)


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